Dogs at dog center

Since I am doing my 4 week training at a dog care center in Stockholm, my own dogs have no choice but to tag along with me. At first they were hesitant to the idea but now they have accepted the temporary change. 😊 It is good for them to get used to being around different dogs, in all sizes, without going bananas. 



My latest dog-stuff

Lately I have been working on a lot of dog-stuff. It is so much fun to create new things for the 4-legged animals: the awesome Dogs.  Here are some pictures, to give you inspiration. On Sunday I am going to a dog store near my neighborhood to find out if they are interested in selling my (this) stuff. Keep your fingers crossed. 😊









Sleeping beauties 

Today I trimmed Styrmans fur. He is so awesome, he just laid down and fell asleep. It is quite a lot of work fixing his coat, so I couldn’t be happier. Safari just needed to lay next to him while I was working his fur. It didn’t seem to bother either one of them that their noses was covered in fur. 😳 

 Griffon-Style. Do what you want, I will sleep anyway. 

Finally the eScape artist is happy 

This time I used an old fleece jacket and turned it into a dog-carrier, using almost everything from the jacket. The arms turned out to be great shoulder straps, as an example. Safari who has hated all of the previous bags that I have made, actually accepted this. So- the queen of dogs has spoken. This is the bag I am using for her! 

I really don’t like the color of the bag- but when you make things out of used clothes- you don’t have too much say in it.  It was free to make and friendly to the environment, so I am pleased. 


DIY Dog mattress

Today I made a dog mattress using an old sweater. Instead of regular filling I used worn out clothes to stuff the bed with. The dogs and my youngest kid (!) love it and the bed is 100% environmentally friendly. I will sure make some more and sell on my website.  Let me know if you are interested. 😊


If Beauty had a face

I can’t wait to see this sugar face growing up.  Safari is now 12 weeks and are getting so big and so good at learning new things. Today she met her first big dog outside on our walk.. She was a bit scared but still very curious of the “beast”  and whenever it got to much, she fled to my secure feet. 😊 

A non-choking harness 😊

Today I decided to make a harness for Safari. I hate using the puppy collar on her because it put so much pressure on her neck. Therefor I created a harness that puts no pressure on her neck and that doesn’t choke her if she pulls the leash. (Styrman has the same model and he never chokes anymore when we are out walking. ) I just love this model! Safari tried it out today and she seemed to like it. I also made a matching leash… The girl really needs matching stuff, she told me once😊

Growing up

Time flies and my little girl Safari is growing up. Almost 12 weeks now. She is such a sweetheart. Wild, yes, but she gives me so much love and warmth. I am so looking forward to work with this girl- and too teach her everything I know. 😊

Dog to go

I am currently working on a new design when it comes to sewing a dog carrier. Safari is the queen of getting her ass out of everything I put her into- 

so I have a tough project in front of me. This bag is only a first draft bag and it will surely be more to come until I am satisfied- and Safari too of course.